Creative use of musical instruments to give voice to the silent, odorless, tasteless danger of radioactive decay…

Fuyuki Yamakawa
‘ATOMIC GUITAR MarkI / Stratocaster-type’ 2011
‘ATOMIC GUITAR MarkII / Stratocaster-type(Left Handed)’ 2011

ATOMIC GUITAR MarkI & MarkII, invented by Fuyuki Yamakawa, are automatic guitar playing system operated by radioactivity. This video shows ATOMIC GUITARS` performance played by radiation-contaminated soil which was sampled in Tokyo National University of the Arts Toride Campus on 5th July 2011. Tokyo National University of the Arts Toride Campus is located 118.2miles from the melted down reactor of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
(Video recorded at the exhibition ‘ATOMIC SITE’, 2011, Tokyo, )

『原子ギター 初号機/ストラトキャスタータイプ』2011年
『原子ギター 弐号機/ストラトキャスタータイプ(左利き用)』2011年