Demand Japanese Prime Minister to Shut Down All Nuclear Power Plants


By Yuki Endo (Contact)

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We stand with people of Fukushima and Japan concerned about restarting of Oi and other Nuclear Power Plants in JapanFukushima residents are risking their lives in radiation contaminated area from Fukushima Nuclear Incident by TEPCO that triggered by Great East Earthquake.With swimming class starting, swimming pools are dirty with radiation stuff and that cannot be scrub to clean and water is not radiation free.Fukushima residents are trapped in their homes like in Typhoid Mary in quarantine because they cannot open their windows, children cannot play outside, they cannot breath air, they cannot do landuary or dry their futons, which is a flat mattress with a fabric exterior stuffed with cotton, wool, or synthetic batting that makes up a Japanese bed.

As because of that we’re asking Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiko Noda to shut down the all Nuclear Power Plants.

This about Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiko Noda planning to restart Oi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan right at 3.11 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and earthquake incident that residents in Fukushima area are contaminated area who cannot evacuate.