There has been an awakening stirring in the Japanese musical scene since the Fukushima disaster.  Below are music videos of nuclear protest , some old, some new.

Here is an article with some background on the songs and the history of repression of such expression by the record labels:  Japan’s New Wave of Protest Songs –

The first one from Rankin Taxi & Dub Ainu Band. I dig it:

Kazuyoshi Saito rewrote his billboard topping love song “I Always Loved You” with new lyrics reflecting the nuclear disaster, retitled “It Was Always A Lie”.  Here with English subs:

Here is the original love song, followed by the new version:

Kiyoshiro Imawano has been a favorite of mine since I discovered his music a few years ago.  He was an amazing human being who shared profound love with the world.  The following two songs are from the ’80’s.  They seem almost prophetic in retrospect.

Here is a brief video of a protest in Tokyo with some great drumming and spirit!  I know at least one of these drummers:

The main refrain of the chanting, “Genpatsu Yamero!” means “Stop the Reactors!”

Hope you enjoy the music!