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This site is dedicated to empowering people to protect themselves from the many sources of radiation that have become omni-present in our environment and food supply.  This site is not dedicated to scaremongering, because we believe that fearless living is the greatest health tonic there is.  However, we do aim to inform frankly of the dangers that exist in the modern world, and the steps that can be taken to reduce risks of adverse health effects.  We aim to take a holistic approach that considers the whole human being, including the physical body, electromagnetic fields and consciousness.  We aim to take an evidence-based approach and have made every effort to provide links to relevant research and indicate where we venture off into theory or speculation.

Now for the disclaimer: This site does not offer medical advice.  We are sharing information and educational resources.  It is up to the individual, in concert with whatever medical, legal or spiritual authority they trust to decide what is or isn’t appropriate for their particular situation.

This is a free site and a service for the people.  Surely the formatting could be improved, and I don’t have much time to keep adding or updating posts, but I will do so as I can.

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